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Dark Pink, Light Pink, Pale Pink...Wait what?!

July 23, 2021

So what are you wearing RIGHT NOW, as you read this? I know, I know there are so many answers to those broad question depending on who you are, and where you are. I get it, but what have you been seeing out and about or on social media as fashion trends?? As for the store and what we have seen at buying marts, ladies are ready for color in your life!!!  So many solid and vibrant colors have dominated OUR racks and on fashionistas all around us. We have gone hard on magenta, hot pink, lime & Kelly green for sure, and you have loved it ALL. At one point as I was leaving a few nights ago and I had a freak out moment, I looked around the store and all I saw was a sea of pink, in all shades & fabrics. Did I go overboard? Did the girl who loves her black suddenly switch sides for team hot pink?!.... No, lol but I am feeling as the rest of the world is, time to show up and show out, and if that means wearing magenta like its going out of style...then SO BE IT! All who agree please stand up! 😜

   Cat and I love a good pop of color and we feel that with your favorite comfy denim, a beautiful top in a vibrant hue is always a win. Same goes for a dress or slacks, throw on a pair of yellow slacks and a white tee, and you're ready to rule the world! {{See our current obsession in our "Sail With Me Slacks" peep Abby in blog image on this!}} Ugh we die, they are SO good. 

So if you're one of those (as I am most of the time) who thinks all black, all of the time is fashion gold, think again. Throw on a gorgeous lime top one night when meeting the girls and be ready for the "Ohh's & Ahhh's" from the crowd! It will put that extra pep in your step that we all occasionally need in our lives, we promise! The store is FILLED with vibrant hue's just waiting for you to find them.... See ya soon. XOXO Anna F

Anna Faulk

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