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Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

With Christmas being just a few weeks away (yikes!), now is the time to start shopping for the perfect holiday gift for every special lady in your life. The good news? It’s not too late to start get that perfect gift for Christmas 2021.

The question is, where exactly do you start?

Top Boutique Gifts You’ll Find Online

Fortunately, we’ve picked out some of the most unique, thoughtful, and beautiful boutique holiday gifts for even all of your difficult-to-shop-for beauties. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a few boutique gifts online that you’ll want to get for yourself. Yes, it’s better to give than it is to receive, but who says you can’t treat yourself to a little present for yourself while you’re doling out all of the goodies for your friends and loved ones?

Here is our boho gift guide featuring the best boutique gifts to give out this holiday season.

Woman wearing a plaid shacket

The Shacket

If your favorite female has yet to welcome a shacket into her wardrobe, do her a favor and get her one this Christmas. This oversized hybrid of a shirt and jacket is blowing up Insta feeds for a multitude of reasons.

For one, this cute top is the ideal layering piece during the winter, spring, and fall seasons. This makes these tops the perfect boutique gifts online if you’re looking for apparel that will keep your loved one feeling chic for months on end. 

These tops are a bit thicker than the average shirt while also being thinner than a winter coat. This means your friend can layer the shacket over her favorite turtleneck or even wear it beneath an overcoat when the temps turn cold. Then, when the spring season arrives, she can wear it over her favorite lightweight tee for a simple, edgy look.

Shackets also look super cool when you button them up as shirts. They look just as snazzy if they’re worn as undone jackets. Shackets pair perfectly with knit turtlenecks, a nice lug-sole boot, and leather trousers for another effortlessly cool and on-trend look. Or, they can style them over jeans and mini dresses.

The best part about choosing a shacket, though? These online boutique gifts suit everybody, so your friend’s eyes will no doubt light up when she sees one from you under her tree this year.

A woman wearing olive-colored dungarees

The Denim Dungaree

No boho holiday gift guide would be complete without the denim dungaree, or the stylish bib overall. These online boutique gifts are especially perfect for the winter season because their classy cuts make them easy to wear with knitwear, giving your loved ones smart silhouettes during the cooler months. 

What’s great about dungarees is that they can easily fit into the office setting. That means your loved ones can easily sport them at work to elevate their style game, especially if they wear classic white shirts with them. They can then complete their ensembles with their favorite court shoes, heeled sandals, or even pointed loafers for looks that won’t disappoint.

Woman outside in a red long sleeve dress at night

The Midi Dress

Yet another must-have item in any boho holiday gift guide is the midi dress. These dresses are the ideal boutique gifts online for any woman who loves wearing dresses above their ankles but below their knees.

Look for a midi dress that has a soft fit with front pockets for a little extra charm and utility. These dresses can easily be dressed up with the right accessories, like a statement necklace, and simple flats during the summer and spring months. Or, the lucky lady who gets this from you could wear it with heeled ankle boots, tights, and jumpers during the fall and winter months. It is easy to stylishly update it for drinks or dinner dates with a beautiful faux-suede or faux-leather jacket.

Woman outside at night wearing white high-heeled booties

The Yenni Bootie

This chick lug boot, which comes with an edgy chain, is yet another wardrobe essential for any fashion-minded fox. However, your loved one can choose to wear this adorable footwear without the chain if she prefers to. Either way, her look will be off the chain, hands down. And she can wear these trendy and classic boots comfortably all day—an added bonus.

Woman holding a clear shoulder-strap clutch

A Clear Clutch

Clear clutches are also staple online boutique gifts to give to loved ones this year for both fashionable and practical reasons. 

For starters, these clutches look high fashion, so they’ll likely draw quite a few positive stares. However, these clutches are also convenient to bring into any venue that will not allow or may scrutinize a normal, opaque bag—venues like sports arenas, airports, concerts, and even office buildings featuring high security.

Beyond that, these captivating clutches will offer visibility into all that your friends or loved ones are carrying, which means they won’t have to dig around for their favorite shades or keys. These swag bags also make for excellent conversation starters, as they’ll make your loved ones look like open books who don’t have anything to hide.

All in all, these unique bags made our boho gift guide because they’re an easy way for your loved ones to unleash their inner fashionistas and take any outfit to the next level.

Surprise the Ladies in Your Life This Holiday Season!

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