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Are vests in style for 2021?

Are vests in style for 2021?

We’re here for them and here’s our “how to style vests” edition.

Welcome to Fall Fashion, and one of this year’s best trends: The Vest.   Oversized, printed, its ability to perfectly layer, fitted, cropped, even that oh so classic button, 3 piece suit style vest, are all styles you will be seeing everywhere this season, and we adore this trend.  Personally, l love that a vest can be amazing on its own and worn as the outfit statement piece like the one here. (click here for more views)

This is gorgeous new arrival is so cute and trendy with its fit and print. Again, it’s great because of that print, which I think makes this the outfit feature, as well as the fact that its oversized, which is an excuse to only wear the one piece. (I mean come on; it covers all ‘those’areas, right ladies?)  We styled it here with shorts, which shows just how great of a fall transition piece vests can actually be.


Another great vest I’m loving is this beauty, shown on our site a few different ways.

Don’t you love that trendy slightly cropped fit that you can just pop over anything from classic button down (or even a fancier silky, printed button down) for that great preppy, old school feel to a classic t-shirt, for the most effortless look ever?  I sure do.  This is one of those great neutral vests that you can pair with fabulous stand out pieces and it is not too much, or neutral enough for your accessories to be star of the show. 


No matter how you choose to rock this new trend of vests, your Lula and Mae gals are totally here for it! We will be bringing you a few other styles this season and can’t wait to see how you will rock them! Are you ready to hop on this trend?



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Dark Pink, Light Pink, Pale Pink...Wait what?!

At one point as I was leaving a few nights ago and I had a freak out moment, I looked around the store and all I saw was a sea of pink, in all shades & fabrics. Did I go overboard? Did the girl who loves her black suddenly switch sides for team hot pink?!.... No, lol but I am feeling as the rest of the world is, time to show up and show out, and if that means wearing magenta like its going out of style...then SO BE IT! All who agree plese stand up! 😜
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